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He can satisfy all members of your family’s socks

Monthly Sock Subscriptions

Subscribe to our program and get 5 new pairs of socks per month per family member。

Our crazy socks will work for you every step of the day; send a monthly subscription of socks to keep you sewing all day long; to deliver something awesome; and go all out and make this socks subscription your weirdest experience of the month.

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Super easy! We have a subscription to socks, which is the perfect gift for an individual or couple…

 选择订阅    Subscription package choose individual or family   

选择是否每月发送 1 双或 2 双袜子(Personal) You can get 5 pairs of socks every month       (Family Edition) You can get 20 pairs of socks every month

                  (Family PRO) Get 30 pairs of socks every month

Set a 3 or 6 month duration for the subscription

 Set a 3 or 6 month duration for the subscription.



Personalise your gift

Tell us where you would like the socks to be sent, and when the first box should be shipped.

We can even send the first box to you, so you can hand it over in person, or we can send it directly to the recipient with a “Don’t open until…” message on the packaging.

Enter a personal gift message and we will print it on a message card that will be placed inside the first box, and include it on your gift certificate which you can give to the lucky recipient before their first delivery.

We do the rest

We will ensure that fresh socks arrive in letterbox-friendly fully-recyclable packaging every month for the duration of your subscription.

The first delivery will come in an envelope to keep it a surprise.

You can rest assured that our gift subscriptions are a one off and you will not be charged again.

What are you waiting for?

Discover our range of monthly gift sock subscriptions…


Receive 5 pairs of socks per month .You can choose from a variety of styles

Only $29.9 per month


You can receive 4 kinds of socks every month, and you can get 20 pairs in total

Only $69.9 per month

Family PRO

30 pairs of socks per month. Satisfy everyone's request

Only $79.9 per month