PADSN tells you the importance of choosing socks


Socks are something that we cannot do without, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. We wear them every day, so the comfort of wearing socks can only be experienced by ourselves, and from the perspective of health preservation. See, cold feet can easily lead to constriction of capillaries in the upper respiratory tract mucosa and weakened cilia swing, which greatly reduces the body’s ability to resist disease, and viruses and bacteria will enter from the nasopharynx. So the choice of socks is very important, so how to choose? PADSN tells you the importance of choosing socks

1. In addition to purchasing regular brands in regular shopping malls, you should learn about the internal content of the product in detail, such as: the composition of raw materials, washing methods and storage conditions.

2. According to different people and different seasons, the choice is also different. If it is usually worn, choose some products that are mainly breathable and comfortable. If there are hard strips at the sewing and stitching, it will cause discomfort. People with dry and cracked feet need to choose polyester socks and nylon socks with poor moisture absorption.

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