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High-quality Socks Processing OEM Factory

PADSN is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the manufacture of high-end brands, with strong technical force. Has the world’s most advanced computer socks machine equipment, modern workshops and manufacturing workshops, a group of high-quality technical personnel and advanced scientific management system.

Are you looking for the best source for socks production?


Customized business needs more than 50 pairs

Request A Qoute

Provide a little information about the product you want to create.We will give you a perfect quotation after understanding your needs

Setting The Tone

Our team of experienced sock manufacturers contacts you and begins to dig deeper into your business needs, including your desired designs, preferred patterns, detailed yarn selections, machining and final look goals.


Once the sample is approved, we will proceed to production immediately. Equipped with advanced machines and assembly lines to ensure production capacity

Deliver to Multiple Addresses

After inspection of every piece of item, we ship the order to the given address. We also deliver to multiple addresses and provide tracking information.

What makes us different?

PADSN has a new generation of socks machines, automatic sewing machines, and South Korea’s Sandeok automatic setting machines, with an annual production capacity of more than 30 million pairs.


According to customer needs, we can develop and customize socks of various special materials and patterns


More than 20 years of industry experience, familiar with product technology


Each product needs to go through 8 inspection processes

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